Suzi Vlietstra is a self-employed entrepreneur (or entremanure, as we say in the horse biz) who loves living in Chino Hills with many horses in the backyard. Says Suzi “I want my ranch to be where everyone wishes they were when they’re someplace else–a place to get away from life’s stresses and enjoy a little ‘equine therapy.’”

Suzi was born with the horse-loving gene which has taken her on many adventures. She owns an equestrian mail order business and has written many articles about horses and their people for equestrian magazines.

Joe is the young son of Suzi who likes everything with wheels, but also likes his pony, Victoria–especially when she is pulling a cart with trainer Ted at the lines.

Grandma Mary Lou is a retired college professor who has taught subjects from cooking and sewing to hot-air balloon construction. “I love seeing the girls riding at the ranch,” she says. “It takes me back to the best times with Suzi,” remembers the octogenarian. “I always tell parents there’s no better investment they can make than getting their kids involved with horses.”